Returning home to yourSelf

I've found the key to happiness. 

Bold statement I know, but hear me out ok?


Happiness isn't found in always striving for the next thing. It isn't found in the next course you take or e-book you download. You know the rhetoric...

I'll be happy when...

I'll be happy when I get the perfect job/bank balance/dress size. 

Just no, honey. Please don't subscribe to that anymore. 

One of the most exciting parts of my work as a coach is when my client has the 'miracle moment'. When they realise that it's not about becoming someone or something else, but instead it's all about peeling back the layers to get to the core of what is already there. 

It's like the famous Michelangelo story. When asked about the difficulty of sculpting his great work, David, he responded with:

 "It is easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David."

When he looked at a piece of marble, he saw the statue already inside the marble.  Then he just had to chip away anything that wasn’t the statue so we could see what he was able to. It's exactly the same with our Self.

A process of peeling back all of the layers that build up - layers of expectation, fear, and self-doubt. 

Becoming aligned with who we really are at our core. Our true self. 


@@When we are in alignment, life has an energy of ease about it@@ We are rooted in our truth, better able to hear our intuition. Decisions become easier to make, fear is less able to take hold and we have a sense of purpose. 

But it's not always easy, it's a continual process of releasing and healing and course correction. Repeatedly returning to ourSelf. 

I've been reminded of that recently, old wounds coming up to the surface. Wounds I thought had been healed - narratives I have been subconsciously holding onto. It's never easy to have to stare our darker moments in the face especially when you've already laid them to rest. But it's a necessary part of returning to our truth. 

Release + heal. 

Coming back home to ourSelf.