5 Podcasts I'm Loving Right Now


I don't know about you but I'm a little obsessed with podcasts right now. I almost always tune into an episode or two whilst i'm working and today I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourites. 

1. The Good Life Project

I'm a long-time listener of the Good Life Project podcast. Jonathan Fields opens up raw, unfiltered conversations with inspirational guests, all of whom live an intentional life. 

2. All Rise Up

This podcast is a must for anyone aligned with doTERRA, or who has an interest in network marketing. Alice Nicholls brings her wisdom and insights to the table to provide you with a solid foundation for creating your own freedom biz. 

3. The Lively Show

Another long-term favourite of mine, The Lively Show is designed to uplift, inspire and add a little intention to your day. Expect topics focused on spiritual principles, relationships, entrepreneurship and mindfulness. I love following along with Jess' journey as she shares the lessons she's learning in her own life.

4. Highest Self Podcast

This is a newer podcast that I have recently discovered and I'm loving it so far. Sahara Rose discusses inspirational real stories designed to support you in connecting with your higher self. Relationships, health, social media, spiritual principles and manifestation all feature. 

5. The Balanced Blonde Podcast // Soul on Fire

Each week Jordan interviews super inspirational guests who have set their soul on fire and are sharing their truth with the world. Lots of inspiration and motivation for those committed to following their own path.

6. Free to Flourish Radio. (Bonus podcast and shameless plug!)

If you love podcasts and you're looking to live life by your own design, you might also want to check out my podcast! Each week on Free to Flourish Radio, I riff on topics ranging from conscious business to spiritual practice, alongside tools, tips and resources to help you consciously create a life you love. 

Tune in here.