A December List

File 27-11-2017, 14 08 04.jpeg

Ah December, you're almost upon us and I couldn't be any more excited to welcome you this year. I love this time of year and we are having a big family Christmas so I'm super excited! 

This can also be a stressful time, and I'm mindful of finding the balance between planning the perfect Christmas and savouring the season. I really want to sink into all of the little rituals that make this time of year so special and enjoy some family time, so I've made a little list of some of the ways I want to bring intention to my December...

Get out in nature

Yes, it may be cold but there is something so refreshing about wrapping up in cosy jumpers and scarves and getting outside. The soft light of the low winter sun, the fog of my breath against the cold air and the crisp crunch under foot - I love it. This year I'm determined to make time daily to take a walk in the local wetlands. I walk the dogs daily of course, but sometimes it's nice to go without them and just focus on myself. 

Cultivate Joy

Whether it's by decorating our home beautifully or curling up to watch Christmas films, I really want to be intentional about cultivating little moments of joy. Forgetting the stress of running a business (this can be our busiest time) and giving myself permission to just have fun. 

Getting creative 

This is the perfect time of year to anchor into my creativity and get hands-on. I've got plans to make a wreath, get festive in the kitchen and try my hand at a few of these DIY's...

Rosemary Wreath Placecards 

Dried Orange Slice Garland 

Tiny Star Garland 

Savouring the ordinary

The ritual of making a cup of tea. Journaling under a blanket. Gift wrapping. I want to be super mindful of all the little, ordinary details that make this season so special. In previous years I've set myself the challenge of recording everything in a December Daily album. I love looking at our memories in past albums, but honestly, it's a lot of work. This year I'm choosing to document each week in a sort of roundup post here on the blog that I can then turn into a printed book. 

I'd love to know your little rituals for this time of year - what keeps you sane? What traditions do you have?