There is a new way to do life & business. 

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Introducing Alignment Partnerships to support you to be Free to Flourish.  

You’re done playing small and hiding your light.

You're tired of the struggle. 

You’re ready to feel inspired and inspire others.

You’re ready to step into your power.

You’re ready to feel alive and radiate your light.

This is where I’m supposed to write a long sales page to point out everything that’s wrong with you, and then convince you I have the magic formula to fix it.

But I’m not going to do that for 3 reasons…

1.     You’re not broken, you don’t need fixing.

2.     There is no magic formula that is going to catapult you into success overnight.

3.     What works in my business probably isn’t going to work in yours.

In short, if you’re looking for yet another cookie-cutter, fluff program that promises you a six-figure income…. Well, you’re in the wrong place.

The fact you’re reading this page suggests that you already have a feel for my approach, so my lovely, if you are ready to build a sustainable, heart-led business and you need a little help stepping out of your own way, I’m your girl.

You have big dreams and a big heart, and you are willing to move through your fears and resistance to build a business (and life) that feels aligned, expansive and abundant.

I'm here to help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to move your business forward and truly craft your legacy, in a way that feels good to you. 

Because when you are operating from YOUR zone of genius, the possibilities are limitless, truly. 

My offerings are for you if you’re in the first few years of your business and you’re ready to go to the next level. You’re wanting to feel a deep sense of ease, flow, abundance and expansion… but you’re currently feeling confused, stuck, overwhelmed or burnt out. 



When we work together you will…

  • Feel supported to explore what’s not working for you, and how you really want your life to look (and more importantly feel)
  • Gain clarity around what direction to take to create a business and life that feels fully aligned with who you are
  • Find your unique path and flow in business and life
  • Effortlessly attract those you are placed to serve by showing up as yourself
  • Learn to tune into your inner wisdom to consciously create a life of purpose, freedom and abundance
  • Break down any fear, limiting beliefs, or negative self-talk that’s keeping you stuck
  • Have the confidence to move forward with ease
  • Drop the low-vibe behaviours such as procrastination, avoidance, making excuses and keeping yourself small



I'm here to help you realise what's possible for you, get out of your own way and live a life that feels aligned, vibrant and lit up


What you should know...

My partnerships are highly-personalised and I’ll be there right alongside you as you make sense of your next move. I only work with a small number of clients at one time and throughout our partnership you will have unlimited access to me, so that we can break down fear, explore ideas, celebrate wins and develop strategy right when you need it most.

This is only for women who are fully committed to:

  • Investing – energetically and financially in their freedom and happiness
  • Doing the work. The work I do with my clients goes deep, you must be willing to do the inner and outer work to overcome what’s blocking you.
  • Following their vision – even when things get tough, or when you stumble off the path.

If you are a high-achieving, action-taking, changemaker who’s ready to uplevel, I would LOVE to support you. 


Choose your adventure...

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Spark Strategy Session

90 minutes to bust through the blocks and take your from stuck to thriving

This is for you if you are stuck/overwhelmed/burnt out/lost in your business and want to make sense of your next move. This 1:1 intensive is designed to help you quickly get out of overwhelm and resistance and gain momentum. 

Together we will break down what's holding you back, gain clarity around your vision and help you take aligned action so that you can create a business and life that feels as good on the inside, as it looks from the outside. 

What's included: 

  • 90 minute private intensive session via Zoom (online) or in-person if you're based in Yorkshire. 
  • Personalised action plan to help you move forward after our session.
Book your session

*Once you've purchased your session, I'll be in touch within 24 hours to book a time to get together. 


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    60 Days to Flow

    A private 8 week experience to support you in finding your unique flow in biz and life


    This 8 week private experience will help you tap into the whispers of your soul and discover your next steps. This is for you if you feel like you’re at a crossroads in your business. You're proud of what you've built so far but you've come to realise that working harder is not the key to your next level of success. 

    You are: 

    • An action-taker not an excuse-maker
    • Committed to your personal and spiritual development
    • Driven by a higher purpose. 
    • Already an established business owner (this is not for those just starting out)

    I bring my 11+ years of business consultancy, as well as, my experience as a certified Coach and Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner to the table to teach you:

    • How to stop living someone else's version of your life and come back home to yourself. Alignment, baby. 
    • Conscious leadership. A new way to do business + life. 
    • How to step into your power and share your gifts with the world, to create the next level of freedom and abundance you crave. 
    • How to create your own wellness and radiate your light. 

    What's included: 

    • 8 x 60 minute weekly 1:1 sessions
    • Unlimited virtual support 
    • Downloadable copy of my Conscious Entrepreneur meditation album 
    • Business with Soul training bundle - 6 audio training modules + journal

    Investment - £1110 

    *Payment plans available, just ask

    60 Days to Alignment is only available via application and a discovery call with me.

    Business + Life Alignment Partnership

    A year-long partnership to support you to bring your vision to life in a way that feels aligned, sustainable and authentic to you. 


    What we might cover: 

    → Alignment + Conscious Creation

    → Your unique zone of genius

    → Conscious leadership

    → Emotional wellness

    → Wealth consciousness

    → Collaborative business

    → Sales with soul

    → Authentic marketing strategy (i.e. showing up as yourself!)

    → Balance and flow in life and business

    → Crafting your freedom lifestyle





    This is long-lasting and sustainable transformation. I offer a highly-specialised and unique blend of coaching, mindfulness practice, emotional wellness mentoring and business strategy for women entrepreneurs who are ready to truly step into conscious leadership. 

    Having a mentor - someone who's a trusted advisor, experienced consultant and an all-round cheerleader - is key in helping us bring our vision to life and can make all the difference in business.

    In this 'switched on' world we inhabit, it's easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and lose our way. Alignment partnerships work because they dive deep into what you want, and build a solid and sustainable foundation for you to bring your purpose-led vision to life.

    This is next level, holistic, leadership mentoring and business strategy. 

    In partnering for 12 months, you will have the accountability and support to gain clarity around your vision, discover your zone of genius and find flow and ease in your business and lifestyle, all in a way that's sustainable. I walk with you every, step of the way 

    This is not for you if you want a step-by-step formula to copy. But if you're ready to show up to your business (and life) in a way that's true to you, read on...

    What's included: 

    • 24 x 60 minute fortnightly sessions
    • Unlimited support in between sessions via phone, email, Facebook messenger or Skype
    • Pre-Session 'soul work' to help you reflect, gain clarity and break down fears
    • Downloadable copy of my Conscious Entrepreneur meditation album 
    • Business with Soul training bundle - 6 audio training modules + journal
    • Optional 1 day VIP intensive with overnight stay at the end of our partnership, to give you an action plan for moving forward and celebrate your wins! (additional cost applies). 

    Investment - £495 a month 

    * Please note this is a 12 month investment

    Alignment Partnerships are only available via application and a discovery call with me.

    Business Intensive Mini-Retreat

    2 Days. Me + You. Vision, strategy and soul rejuvenation 

    A full day and a half of coaching (in-person) where you and I meet to create a solid, aligned, plan to move your business forward. You + Me. Highly-personalised coaching. Solid business strategy. Soul rejuvenation. With the added bonus of a beautiful hotel stay and spa pampering session. 


    • With a juicy, detailed and ALIGNED action plan that gets you excited and motivated about your business again. 
    • Feeling refreshed and restored instead of overwhelmed and confused. 
    • With a clear vision for where your business is headed, rooted in the confidence that comes from knowing what your unique zone of genius is.

    You'll stay in a luxury Hotel and Spa. All meals and spa treatment included. 

    Location: Sheffield UK

    Dates: Monthly