Hey, I'm Gemma

& I'm so glad you're here.


You've been led here for a reason. 

I'm here to help you simplify your life and focus on what really matters. I'm all for whole wellness and intuitive living. 

I help women like you to shut off the noise, tune into your heart and create the life you've always dreamed of. 

I'm on a mission to empower people to improve their whole wellness so that they are free to flourish. It's not about becoming something or someone else - instead, it's all about peeling back the layers to uncover what is already there. Your truth. 

I'm passionate about simplifying life and living mindfully. I'm here to guide you in consciously creating a heart-full life so you can have more freedom, energy, income and impact.

Tune out the noise

Maybe you've been doing all the things you are 'supposed' to - following the traditional path to happiness and success. But something is still missing and you're not sure what needs to change. 

Something is stirring within you. You are ready to make change. You are ready for MORE. 

But maybe it all seems too overwhelming. Maybe that little voice in your head is convincing you to stay right where you are. 

I  want you to know this: 

I want you to know that everything you are feeling in your heart is possible for you. You are not broken, it’s not about becoming someone or something else… it’s simply about coming back home to yourself. 

Where you are, I've been there.

No matter how many goals I reached or how much success I achieved, it was never enough. I was constantly jumping from one thing to the next, trying to find the thing that would complete me. Everything would be fine if I could just get that next promotion/relationship/perfect dress size. But it wasn't enough. The more I pushed and strived, the more I felt like I wasn't enough. I constantly worried about what other people thought of me, comparing my life to others. I spent so much time searching for happiness and approval 'out there' that I neglected my health. My body was a way to gain more approval, and the lifestyle of an insecure party girl was taking its toll. 




6 years ago, I found myself about to embark on a new career in a new country. I should have been excited, but I wasn't. I was terrified and depressed. That's when it hit me...

I was never going to be happy because I was living out someone else's version of my life. 

So I quit my job, ended my relationship, and packed up my apartment. I had no plan, just a burning desire to find out who I was at my core, and faith that there had to be a better way. 

That's when I discovered the real key to happiness.


Everything shifted. I figured out what was really important to me, introduced meditation and essential oils to my life (both of which have changed everything) and started consciously creating my ideal life. Which brings to where I am now. As a coach and wellness guide, I'm ready to help you make sense of what is unfolding for you and create a life you are wildly in love with. 

I’m all for you. 

I believe that when we allow ourselves to fully tune into who we are, and live from that space, we are truly free to create a life that lights us up and has meaning. 

I also believe that you already have everything you are looking for - you just need a guide to help you peel back the layers and uncover what has been there all along. 



The truth is this: I came back home to myself & I want that for you too.


Still Curious?

I live in a village just outside of Sheffield, in the UK with my man (Greg), 2 gorgeous step-children, and our dogs - Florence and Ralph. After seven years spent building a corporate career in the fashion industry, I could no longer ignore the call to escape and find my freedom. I started my first business in 2012 and in less than a year had built a successful design and marketing agency. But I was still on a quest to find more meaning and purpose, and now I get to guide gorgeous wild spirits to find their own freedom, in a way that feels good for them. 

I'm also the host of a weekly podcast, Free to Flourish Radio.

I'm an INFJ and a meditation junkie. I love my family, long walks with the dogs, country music and doTERRA essential oils (I'm obsessed!). I dream of a road trip through California, of a house by the sea and seeing my book grace the shelves of my favourite bookstore.