Hey, I'm Gemma.

Most days you'll find me working in my home office with one of our rescue hounds at my feet - sipping on a big old mug of green tea.  I believe in living on-purpose and creating life, business and wellness by design.

I also believe (know) that when we stop living how we think we are supposed to, and actually tune in to what we really want - we feel our most vibrant, lit-up selves.

My vision? I'm here to help women rediscover and reconnect with who they are at their core. I’m also on a mission to inspire and empower others to live a more natural and sustainable lifestyle.

If we were meeting for a cuppa, I'd probably tell you how much I love the women I partner with, what I'm growing in our veg garden, how essential oils have changed my life and where I'm planning on travelling to next with my love, Greg. I thrive on deep, soulful and authentic connection. 

We live in a village just outside of Sheffield, UK but I dream of a house by the sea (and I'm manifesting it right now!). 



The story so far. 

6 years ago, I found myself about to embark on a new step in my corporate career, in a new country. I should have been excited, but I wasn't. I was terrified and depressed.

That's when it hit me...

I was never going to be happy because I was living out someone else's version of my life. 

So, a week before I was to board the plane to a new life in the Middle East, I quit my job, ended my relationship, and packed up my apartment. I had no plan, just a burning desire for freedom and abundance. So I started my own business - and it was great.

Until it wasn't.

Sure, I had clients but I was burnt out, overwhelmed and working every hour. This was not the freedom lifestyle I craved so badly. 

Fast forward to now and everything is different. I lead a fast-growing, global team of people to health through essential oils. I partner with women entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their next-level business and I teach sustainable self-care, authentic marketing and purpose-driven living to women worldwide. 

I do it all in a way that feels 100% aligned, and I have time to spend on what's most important to me. 





This is my heart. 




collaboration over competition

When we rise, we lift others with us. I refuse to subscribe to the lack mentality that there isn't enough to go around. The more of us creating our own story leads to greater healing. I believe in supporting other women and business owners so that they can find their own path to success. 


human to human connection

Forget about 'likes' and numbers of followers. I'm all about building real, soulful connections - which means it's time to to finally be visible, show up as your true self, be unapologetically you and attract your real tribe. I promise you, it’s safe.



I'm tired of seeing bright, ambitious and purpose-driven women struggling to create the impact and abundance they desire, because they are burnt out and overwhelmed. Sure, this path takes hard work but more importantly, it requires us to get into full alignment with what we are creating. When we do, things flow and we no longer have to wonder if we are really cut out for this world after all. 




Showing up as you are in this moment. Sharing your experiences, tapping into the truth and power of your story. Let’s say ‘no more’ to the filtered Instagram life and yes! to showing up as we truly are.


heart-led living

I believe that we can feel more connected, joyful, and fulfilled when we live on-purpose and with intention. We are being called to ditch the traditional paths to "happiness" and "success" and rebuild our approach
to life and work. Make your own rules, craft your own legacy.  


planet + people

Natural, sustainable living. Buh-bye toxic chemicals and hormone disrupters, hello mama nature’s goodness.

Conscious business that is good for everyone. Giving back. Designing a legacy that matters - because it matters.



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