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The smartest way to buy essential oils is to open a wholesale account so you can ensure you’re always getting the lowest pricing available (25% off retail price). I always recommend opening a wholesale account to everyone, because it gives you access to a huge discount with no strings attached whatsoever. There is no ongoing order required and you may be eligible to receive a FREE Product of the Month.

With a wholesale account you can also join the optional, but super generous Loyalty Rewards Program (or Free Oils Club as I like to call it!) and collect free oils and product points each time you order. It also means you can earn commission with dōTERRA every time you share the oils with someone else.

You’ll also have access to me every step of the way to support and guide you (along with access to the incredible tribe of essential oil lovers that I’m part of).

You can either set up your membership yourself immediately online or contact me to do it for you...

Option 1 - Contact me to set up your membership

If you are not sure which oils you would like to start out with or would like me to set up your account for you, just fill out the form below. 

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Option 2 - Get immediate membership online

The most popular way to join is to choose an enrolment kit, which not only gives you great discounts (on top of the 25% wholesale discount) but also waives the membership fee. Below you will find the most popular kits. 



This is the most popular choice (and best value!) as it provides all the oils needed to take care of your family's wellness + a diffuser + welcome pack. 

It contains the 10 oils every home should have (6 oils and 4 exclusive doTERRA blends): 

  • Respiratory blend 15ml 
  • Soothing blend 15ml
  • Digestive blend 15ml
  • Frankincense 15 ml
  • Lavender 15ml
  • Lemon 15ml
  • Melaleuca (Tea Tree) 15ml
  • Protective blend 15ml
  • Oregano 15ml
  • Peppermint 15ml

£222 / 220 PV





A collection of 6 essential oil blends to support deep emotions. With a bottle for every mood, this kit also comes with a diffuser so you can get the most out of these oils- diffusing oils is an effective way to manage your moods and emotions.

  • Motivate
  • Passion
  • Peace
  • Cheer
  • Console
  • Forgive

£155.40 / 150.5 PV




This kit contains everything you need for a detoxifying 30 day cleanse to really clean out your system and kick start your health.

It includes a combination of cleansing essential oils, probiotic supreme, digestive enzymes and multivitamins to support healthy digestion, metabolism and filtering organs in the body. 

  • Lemon essential oil 15ml
  • Lifelong vitality supplements
  • Digestive Enzyme Complex
  • Probiotic Defence Formula
  • GI Cleansing Formula
  • Detoxification Blend Softgels

£168 / 131PV


You totally can! You'll miss out on the extra discount for buying a bundle but if you have particular oils or products you are looking for, you can still set up a membership by paying the £24 membership fee and choosing your oils. 

If you’d rather go the custom route, here’s the full product guide so you can take a peek through all of the gorgeous products you can choose from.


  1.  Head over to

  2. Click Join + Save 

  3. Choose your country

  4. Select WELLNESS ADVOCATE and follow the prompts to set up your account

  5. The enroller and sponsor spots should be pre-filled with my number, but in case they are not it's 3655459

  6. Either choose your enrolment kit from the carousel or choose the Welcome Packet and add any oils or products by typing them into the search bar

  7. You can skip setting up a Loyalty Rewards Program order for now if you prefer - I will contact you in the next couple of days to make a time for a Membership Overview so that you know what benefits and extras you are now eligible for.