Partner with me

The doTERRA business opportunity 

The invitation: we are being called to rise up together to create real change in this world. This is our time. Let's do this together. 

Dreamers. Aligned action-takers. Changemakers. 

There is a new way to do life and business. One that has a conscious impact on this planet and its people. I work with you to build a thriving, expansive platform from which you can make change, inspire others and create financial freedom. 

I'm passionate about helping you to tap into your inner wild spirit, so that you can consciously create the life you dream of. 

Make money with Essential Oils

There is unlimited possibility in this business. Everyone who chooses it and is willing to do the work will succeed. If ANY of the following apply to you, read all the details below then reach out at the end to set up a chat. 

You have a very clear purpose in life, but you need money to do it

You know you are meant for more, but you're not exactly sure what 'more' looks like

You believe health and wellness are important and want to share this message with others

You want to create financial freedom, but you don't know how (or what you've tried so far isn't working)

You feel stuck in your job, but can't find a way out

You crave freedom, flexibility and work that feels meaningful

You want to work with the support of a dynamic team with a culture of love and compassion

This business is all about leadership, mentoring, collaboration and sharing wisdom.

Let me clear here - the is not the business of selling. 

This is empowering people to improve their wellness. 

This is supporting people to reach their goals. 

This is service + collaboration + impact. 

We are teaching and empowering others to take control of their own wellness, naturally using essential oils. I wholeheartedly believe that every person on this planet could benefit from these gorgeous little bottles of oils and the best way to share them is through creating an in-person experience. 

You will grow your own community and guide and nurture your customers so they feel confident in using essential oils to manage their wellness, and the wellness of their household.  

And the best bit? As your business grows you will teach others how to create financial freedom for themselves  You will guide and mentor others, working with them to achieve their goals. 

It doesn't matter where in the world you live, if you are passionate about improving your wellness, finances and lifestyle, I would love to support you in creating an abundant, conscious, impact making business. 

Why I love the collaborative business model.

The collaborative model is the future of modern business. It involves no risk, little investment, zero experience and it is ALL about the supportive community. You cannot succeed in this business without lifting others up. There is no competition, only support. Which is why doTERRA is giving people all over the world financial freedom and abundance. 

And the money that we earn from this gorgeous business model is residual.  There is honestly no limit to what you can earn. doTERRA offer an incredible compensation scheme, the best in the industry by far. 

I feel blessed everyday to be a part of such a gorgeous community of women who are all in it for the same reason - to make a meaningful impact on this planet and its people whist creating financial freedom for themselves.  I am surrounded by women who are building beautiful, spiritually aligned, six figure (and beyond) businesses that impact 1000's of people across the world. 

How freaking amazing is that? 

What you need to get started.

I'm so glad you're still with me! This business isn't going to resonate for everyone, and that's okay...but if something is stirring inside you, read on...

+ You are dynamic, enthusiastic and ambitious. An action taker. 
+ You are committed to your personal development and spiritual growth
+ You desire to help others and create something meaningful
+ You are passionate about creating your own path and helping others do the same
+ You deeply desire to find your tribe and be part of a supportive team (but you are proactive and a go-getter)

If this is you, I would love to hear from you. 

I am growing a vibrant, fun and supportive team of women across the UK, and beyond. I'm looking for conscious, spirit-filled women who are ready to do life and business a new way - so if you feel excited by this, I want to hear from you!