Hello, October


Ah October, how I love you.   

I have always loved this month - the crunch of the leaves underfoot, the beginning of the build up to the festive season, the crisp mornings. October to me always has a sense of the "fresh start" about it - nearly every house move I have made has been in October and the majority of new job starts happened in this month too. 

Because of its significance, I thought long and hard about my intentions for October 2013. I have taken a new approach to goal setting over recent months (another post on this coming soon), since the discovery of the Desire Map, and I no longer set goals based on what I want to achieve but instead I think about how I want to feel.  My intentions are also in addition to my ongoing study plan and work commitments. 

This month I really want to work on feeling nourished.  Summer was a crazy time and I feel like I am still reeling from all the excitement.  Too many Margaritas and not enough rest.  I also want to feel creative - I don't seem to have had as much time as I would like for creative projects lately.  So with that in mind, my intentions for October are: 

  1. Continue with my  weekly friday run
  2. Craft homemade holiday decorations
  3. Put the finishing touches to my Free to Flourish program

So October - let's do this!