Project of passion - How to choose which ideas to run with


A case of too many ideas and not enough time?   

This is a common issue that I come across when coaching creatives - so many ideas but which one to run with?  Sometimes it can seem really difficult to choose what projects to go with for fear of choosing the wrong one.  Then there is the pressure of needing to take all our ideas into reality before someone else does it first.  It can leave us feeling confused, frustrated and unproductive. 

But, what if there was another perspective? 

I have a very simple philosophy - I only choose the projects that make me want to get started right away.

I am an ideas person so I am constantly churning out thoughts into my journal, but unless an idea makes me want to cast everything else aside and start immediately, I forget it. I jot it down (to clear space for new ideas) and then I move on.  

It doesn't mean that I commit to starting it that quickly - I will plan and take the time I need. The point is I only work on the things I am totally passionate about and that I know will make me feel how I want to in my life - affluent, creative, in communion, free-spirited and radiant.  

Since taking this approach I have a far smaller to-do list, I focus on one project at a time and become fully immersed in it and I have more focus and direction in both my business and my lifestyle.  


And if someone gets there first? I do it anyway - I put my own personal spin on it and launch. 

 This doesn't guarantee success, some idea might not work out but I know that by working in this way I am being truly authentic which is one of my key aims for my business.

So how does this work?  

1. I record everything - every idea. Notebooks full to the brim of scribbles, mindmaps and brain dumps.  

2. If something excites me, if the details start to form immediately and if it will make me feel the way I want to in my life, I commit to it.   I keep a separate list for this and if I can't make time for a project in the next month I scrap it. No "someday lists", no 6 month, 12 month or 5 year lists. 

3. I get started. If I do it and it doesn't light me up, I drop it.  Does this make me flighty? Perhaps. But I reserve the right to make my own choices, to refocus and start over.

That's it! If you are feeling overhwhelmed by ideas, give it a go.