Lessons from 2013 and Plans for 2014


Yes, 2013 was the year I had to adapt. A year of changes, of growth, of discovery. I learnt so much about who I am in 2013.

2013 was the year…

I let go of what has gone before

I explored new things – life coaching, teaching, bread-making

I saw Dolphins in the wild, visited NASA and swam in the Gulf of Mexico (a holiday I will NEVER forget)

I came to understand the importance of true, authentic connection

I was a contributor and expert panellist for the Guardian Small Business Network

I accepted it’s ok to change my mind – I am in control of my own life. I tried, I let go, I evolved. I accepted it’s ok to admit it’s not working

I learnt that when you are stuck, life will always throw you a new path

I began to find my feet in our very modern family and I learnt to let go of old expectations

I grew to love our latest family addition (our dog) more than I thought was possible

I let how I want to feel guide my choices


I learn to let go and be open

I make choices that make me feel affluent, creative, connected and purposeful

I visit Paris

I create meaningful experiences

I rediscover Yoga

I say yes

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