What to do when your goals no longer work for you


We are almost two months into 2013 and this week I realised that I needed to review my goals for the year and get "realigned".  Reviewing goals is as important as setting them in the first place - things change, our desires evolve and it is important to make sure that the goals were are striving to achieve remain aligned to our lifestyle and needs. 

I usually set aside time every 3 months for a quick goal review unless, as they have done lately, circumstances change and I feel that I need to rework my aims.  

What does a goal review involve? 

1.  Start by reading through your goal list.  Cross off anything you have already completed (yay!) and assess whether the remaining items are still feasible.  

It is absolutely fine to discard any goals that no longer fit with your overall ideal.  

Don't be afraid to do this, it doesn't mean it is failure of any kind - as we grow as people, we become more aware of our needs and desires and our original goals might no longer be aligned to that.  

2.  Visualise your "ideal".  Imagine a day in the future, no restrictions.  What would you be doing?  Where would you be, who with?  

3.  Do your goals help you to work towards your ideal?  Cross off anything that doesn't, anything that draws you away from the lifestyle you want.  Discard anything that won't make you feel how you want to feel.

4.  Rework your goal list.  I use a very simple formula to do this:

OVERALL AIM - I write out a brief synopsis of my "ideal"

BREAK IT DOWN - I work backwards to break my "ideal" into smaller, manageable goals:

  • 12 month aims
  • 6 month aims
  • 3 month aims
  • 1 month aims

I have created a worksheet to help me do this - you can download it for free on the resources page.  

Once I am clear on my goals, I pin them somewhere visible and keep a copy in my journal.  Each month I rework the 1 month aims and celebrate taking a step closer to my "ideal" lifestyle and business!

I would love to know if you review your goals - leave a comment below!