When does planning become procrastination?


Many of us dream of someday creating our own business, travelling the world and living a life full of freedom.  Yet, something us holds us back.  We confine our dreams to our "one day" list, choosing instead to continue as we are.  

Why? Well, we tell ourselves any number of reasons - we have too many commitments, not enough financial stability, it's just not the right time.  What we are really saying is that we don't deserve to really have the life we want.  It somehow seems selfish and we are taught that anything good will always come at a price. 

Our fear and ego have wonderful ways of guiding us away from the things we really desire in our hearts.  But by making a conscious decision to choose truth and action it really is possible to create that business and lifestyle we long for.  

"But Gemma, it really isn't the right time for me".  Girl, I hear you.  I spent years in circumstances far from my ideal.  I had big ideas, a grand plan but I told myself it wasn't the right time.  I was too young, I didn't have enough money, it wouldn't work anyway.  I wasn't good enough to have the life I wanted.

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love
— Rumi

The truth is that you do deserve to have the life you dream of, in fact it is your duty to go out and grab that life.  There is no one else out there with the unique blend of experience, skills and talents that you have and the universe needs what you have to offer.  

Yes, it's terrifying and hard work.  There will be "failures" (I prefer to think of them as lessons), there will be moments of fear but I want to encourage you to keep going and inching ever closer to what you desire.  

If jumping in fully is too scary (I definitely don't recommend it if you have any sort of commitment) then take it slowly.  Do a little more of what you love each day and a little less of what you don't.  Just take action.  Multiple little actions lead to big things...


Go do them.

A word of warning on planning - I am an advocate of planning, brainstorming and list writing but procrastination has a very clever way of disguising itself as planning.  Make a plan, launch and then learn from it.  Anything that has ever been created, could have been better.  Perfection is a myth and whatever you do there will always be someone who doesn't like it.  

So, what are you waiting for?

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