How to get your message across


One of the most important lessons I have learnt in business is that it is absolutely essential to get clear on your message.  If you don't, you will have a lack of focus and clarity and no clue who your ideal customer or client will be.  It is also essential to be clear on how you are going to get your message across - it is all very well knowing what you want to say but if you don't put it out there, it will never serve its purpose anyway.


Firstly, I suggest watching this video series by KC Baker.  I stumbled across her work recently and it has helped with my own business immensely.  

When I first started out in the world of self-employment and set up my design agency, Little Tiny Pieces I didn't have a clear message at all, I sort of fumbled my way through it and over time my message grew organically.  If I had been clear from the outset however, I am sure I would have seen bigger and faster growth.  When it came to my coaching practice I took a different approach ans sat down to craft my message before anything else.  

How did I do this?

Well, I thought about what in the world I wanted to change, where did I really want to make a difference?  As soon as I had that figured, my message crafted itself.  I believe in freedom for women, I believe in helping women create a business and lifestyle that they love and that gives something back to the world so my message is:

It is absolutely possible to achieve financial freedom and personal satisfaction by designing a business and lifestyle that is aligned to your values and that serves purpose in the world

That is my overall message.  Within I have developed a number of secondary messages - these work in conjunction with my key message:

  • You can overcome fear
  • You have a life purpose
  • The world needs what you have to offer
  • The future of the economy lies with passionate, fierce and creative women

You can see that the sub-messages are interwoven into the key message.  They are not essential but having them defined helps me to create a broader scope of work for speaking events, workshops etc.


The next step is to think of all the ways you can communicate your message. Try to be creative, are there non-traditional methods you could use? 

Some ideas:

  • Writing - books, e-books, blog content, newsletters
  • Social media - Twitter, Facebook, Youtube
  • Speaking - schools, universities, women's groups
  • Teaching - workshops, e-courses

I have created a basic worksheet for you to use if you would like.  You can download it by clicking on this link.  It provides space for you to mind-map your ideas.

Choose 3 methods you can implement quickly and easily - can you write a new blog post each day, use Twitter to connect your message to your followers and create a weekly video series on Youtube?

Once you have a plan in place I guarantee that you will see your tribe begin to grow and connect.  Consistently communicating your message will attract those who identify - the people in the world you can serve!

I would love to know what your message is, share below in the comments!

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