Lessons from the Recycling Bin


We have an area of our kitchen worktop that has become a temporary home for things that need to be recycled, whilst cooking I put cans or empty jars there ready to be taken out to the recycling bin.  This week I'm ashamed to say that the recycling corner was on the verge of taking over the kitchen, rather than taking the rubbish out we just kept adding to it until eventually there was no space left. 

I realised that often, we do the same things outside of the kitchen, with other areas of our life.  How many of us do it with our businesses?  We just keep on adding more projects to our lists, pushing ourselves harder and harder even though we already on the verge of burning out.  We do it in relationships too, instead of stopping to address what already needs to be taken care of, we continue to pile things on top covering up what is underneath until eventually the pile collapses.  

If we don't stop once in a while to empty the rubbish from our lives it will overflow into the lives of others. 

Let me give you another example.  This week I spent an hour or two going through my Twitter feed and unfollowing anyone that I didn't feel I was getting value from following or that I could truly connect with.  What a liberating feeling!  Feeling inspired I did the same with my emails - I unsubscribed from mailing lists that I had been added to when I purchased something, notifications for social networking sets that I didn't need and blog mailing lists I never paid attention to anyway.  I had spent years weeding through unnecessary mail to find the ones I needed to reply to and the sad thing is because I had continued to keep adding to lists for whatever reason, I was missing the those I could find real value in.  Now I am left receiving mail from a small number of bloggers or businesses that offer something I need, and I love it when that new mail notification pings.  

So beautiful one, my question to you today is this….

In what area of your life do you need to empty the trash?  What small step can you take today, right now to work towards clearing the unnecessary rubbish from your life? 

Let me know in the comments!