The blog and Twitter have been a little quiet over the last two weeks as life has been busy, and I have actually quite enjoyed being offline and having my focus elsewhere.  That said, I am refreshed and ready to jump right back in. 

A little while back a surprising opportunity to study to be an NVQ assessor fell into my lap.  It is an area I have considered previously but was never sure how I could make it fit with all the other stuff I have going on, however this was too good an opportunity to pass up.  So I enrolled on the course.  The course was spread over six weeks and is a mixture of both classroom based teaching and online modules and it turned out to be way more intensive than I expected. 

I loved every minute of it though, I met a great group of people and learnt so much in a short space of time and I am now a fully qualified NVQ Assessor!  It opens up a whole new area for me - I love the idea of mentoring and coaching learners to achieve a qualification and improve their career prospects.  I'm not sure exactly how the logistics will work but iI will be doing it on a freelance basis so I can work it into my business and continue my primary work of coaching women.  

So that's what I have been up to lately, the last week was spent buried in an 11,000 word essay and I am looking forward to taking the weekend at a much slower pace - catching up with Twitter, my favourite blogs, emptying my inbox and spending time with Mr Lovely. Oh, and catching up with Project Life (anyone else really far behind?!).  

Life is good.