Just relax.


Have you ever got to a point where you can't think straight because there is so much going on in your head?  So many things to do, so many problems to solve, so many doubts and fears?

Well, that's exactly where I have been the last few days.  

I have been working on new things and pushing myself in new ways and that is great but it feels a little bit like being on a treadmill - I am running and running but not really getting anywhere.  

And boy is that annoying.  Has anyone else ever felt like they are putting every ounce of energy and effort in and yet not seeing any results?  I have been turning this over in my head and it's so tiring but this morning I had a bit of a "lightbulb moment".

I was sat doing my meditation/yoga practice and finding it really hard to focus inward when a word suddenly popped into my head.


Just stop and relax.

And there it was - the thing I needed to hear right then and there.  Suddenly I had clarity, I need to slow down and go with the flow.  I need to trust that the universe has my back on this one. 

When we are busy and stressed, we are closed off to the opportunities that we crave.  When our minds become cluttered, we are not open to the good things that are meant for us.  Gabrielle Bernstein shared this quote on her Instagram feed today and it reinforced the message to me in a big way:

You are supposed to thrive. You are supposed to feel good. You are good. You are loved and wellbeing is constantly flowing to you, and if you will allow it, wellbeing will manifest in all manner of ways in your experience
— Abraham Hicks

So, how do we do this?

Well the more I think about it, the more simple it seems:

  1. Stop.  I don't mean drop everything or stop being proactive.  I mean stop trying to figure it all out, stop trying to make everything happen to your timescale.
  2. Be still.  Take time to sit and be still, to meditate, to do nothing. 
  3. Be open.  Open yourself up to receive, listen.  Be open to letting go of your way, to try new ideas or approaches. 

You want to know a secret?... You've got this covered.  Stop looking outward for the answers, you already know what to do.... it's there internally, you just need to stop and listen. You need to trust your instincts and do what feels right for you, not what everyone else is doing or what you think is expected.  It may not happen on your timescale or in the way you envisage but just remember that at this very moment, you are right where you need to be.  

This afternoon I walked away from my computer, put on some music and cleaned all the woodwork in our house.  Now usually I hate cleaning (and that was evident from how desperate the woodwork was to be cleaned!) but today was different.  I let go of the worries, frustrations, plans and goals and for those couple of hours I was focused on the task in hand and it was liberating.  As I cleaned, inspiration began to flow.  Things seemed a bit clearer and I felt calm.  

I don't think I have overcome my dislike of cleaning but in slowing down and doing a task that wasn't challenging, I began to relax.  

Have you been feeling this way too?  Is there a way you can slow down and relax?  I would love you to share your experiences in the comments!

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