My Yoga Journey


My love affair with yoga began in my late teens.  I'm a little ashamed to say that it wasn't because of a conscious effort to get fit or improve my wellbeing, but it was because it was the "fashionable" thing to do.  I practised religiously for an hour each day at home unless it was my weekly studio class.  I loved it, I was fit and flexible and my practice kept me calm and grounded. 

Sadly over the years, as work and other commitments picked up, my yoga routines fell by the wayside.  You were more likely to find me sitting at a bar than on my yoga mat and downward dogs were a thing of the past. For a while I got my exercise from running - I loved being out n the open air, the freedom and power I felt from running.   

18 months ago it became clear that an old knee injury (thanks snowboarding!) was going to put an end to my running career and after struggling on for a while longer I remembered my old friend yoga.

It wasn't really until that start of 2013 that I began to take my yoga practice more seriously - I bought a mat and started a daily practice (on and off).  As I already had knowledge of yoga poses from my previous classes I decided to use an app called Yogastudio . This is a great app to help you work through a quick routine but I wouldn't recommend it if you have never had any experience of yoga before. 

I was working through my practice in this way and sort of enjoying it but I was getting frustrated with not being able to complete poses like I used to.  All of the yoga had experienced previously was focused on contorting myself into a specific pose and trying as closely as possible to match the alignment of my instructor.  Trouble is, I am not currently as fit or flexible as I once was and a few more pronounced curves mean that I am unlikely to achieve what I once could. 

So, I spent a little while researching on the web and watching youtube videos to try to find something that might work better for me, when I stumbled across Tara Stiles.  I had heard of her before but never really stopped to watch any of her routines. What struck me about Tara's style is how her routines encourage more movement, rather than getting into a pose and holding it Tara encourages you to move in a way that is comfortable for you and this creates a routine that flows effortlessly.   

I finished the routine feeling refreshed and revitalised and without any pain, as I was able to modify the poses to suit my body.  I am now trying to incorporate her routines into a daily practice.  

If you are new to Yoga or have been put off by previous experiences I would highly recommend checking Tara out.  I love the look of her 4 DVD set and think I will be making a purchase soon!

Have you had an experience of Yoga?  I would love to hear more in the comments below!  Check back tomorrow to find out what I have learnt from yoga so far. 

*Please note this post is not sponsored - I just really wanted to share.