The Art of Gratitude


I wanted to shout out, to yell. 

Instead I remained silent and stared vacantly at the glossy-haired life coach who was the leading the workshop.  

Who did she think she was to stand up and lecture us on being grateful?  It must be so easy for her, she had a lot to be grateful for with her perfect figure, impeccably white teeth and luminous personality. 


When we are not where we want to be, it can be hard to appreciate where we are.  Yet we we are is exactly where we are supposed to be.   (click to tweet)

It is easy to fixate on our own misfortunes.   

The job that sucks our soul from us

Those "wobbly bits" we try to hide  

The pile of bills we stuff in the drawer

The empty side of the bed. 

I hate to admit that my workshop leader was right, it was a while after that day that I sat down and wrote my very first gratitude list and it didn't come easy.  Some days it consisted of a singe line...  

I am grateful for breathing.

But then the awesome started to happen.  As I focused a little each day on the things I was grateful for, I focused less on the things I was missing.  My perspective shifted...I began to feel abundant.  

If you are not where you want to be right now, I encourage you take out your pen and paper and start your own gratitude list.  Even if you can only list one thing, do it.  Even if the only thing you are grateful for right now is a cup of tea, jot it down.  And watch what happens as you continue this practice.  

I have to say...I am grateful for that workshop leader.  

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