What are you not stepping into? How to own your role.

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Here's the deal - I spend around 60% of a working day, writing. Yet, for a long while I was actually really hesitant to refer to myself as a writer.  I haven't published any books (yet!) so calling myself a writer would surely sound...well...arrogant. Wouldn't it? 

During a week I will write blog posts, content for workshops, workbooks and upcoming online programs. I will write stories, journal entries and emails. I will carefully craft social media status updates and website copy.  

I write. Therefore I am a writer.

I'm not alone in my fears of stepping into my role - I have conversations with all sorts of women who feel afraid to own their thing. Instead they feel embarrassment and shame for daring to imagine stepping up and declaring their truth.  Women who are afraid to refer to themselves as a teacher, or artist, or photographer, or designer.   

Look at it another way - if you meet a bunch of people for the first time and the inevitable "what do you do?" question comes up, what do you say?  Do you proudly declare "I'm a blogger" or do you mumble something about online marketing when what you really mean is "I write a freaking awesome blog about [insert topic here] and you should definitely check it out because I think you would love it".  

It's time to step up and own your truth.  It's yours and only yours. 

Know that you are good enough.  Know that only you can craft your identity.  No one else can tell you what you are or are not.   

Practice saying it out loud. Write it down, over and over until you start believing it. Be proud. 

Step up to your role because believe me, you are needed.  First challenge, leave a comment below declaring your truth.