Oh, hello autumn

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Monday 2nd September.  Seriously, September already. 

I have always loved this time of year - it brings with it a sense of freshness, starting over. A time to shed the old skin and reveal a new one.  Despite being out of the formal education system I still get that feeling of excitement a new academic year would bring.  

This year is no exception, today marks the first day "back" after a month long summer break.  A summer filled with celebrating, swimming, dancing, a few too many Margaritas, laughter and a sense of connection.  There was Disneyworld, Dolphins, boat rides, a wedding, camping, dog-related adventures and so much more.  Thinking back I really don't know how we managed to fit so much into the month of August! 

September brings with it a sense of excitement too, but in a quieter way.  There are new beginnings and opportunities.  Today Mr Lovely headed off for the first day of his new job, I am so proud and excited for him as he embarks on this new adventure.  I too am adjusting to new exciting things.  Autumn for me will mean studying to become a fully qualified life and business coach, working with new clients, giving my business my full attention.  It will mean settling into working from home full-time again - finding the balance between work/home/family/play.  It will mean figuring out my role in our little family and preparing for my future role.  It will mean reflecting on current behaviours and working to transform them into more positive ones.  It will mean days filled with connecting, writing, yoga, long walks with the dog.  It will mean making decisions and taking control.  It will mean taking time to breathe. 

And I can't wait to get started. 

*it will also mean being more present in this space


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