My word for 2014

Last year I chose not to make any new year resolutions, but instead, to choose a word that would guide me over the next 12 months.

I chose the word “Proactive”.  I made this my word for one very simple reason – at the beginning of 2013 I felt stuck, I needed a shift…action. And so over the coming months “proactive” helped encourage me to make choices, to push forward.

For 2014 I didn’t choose a word – it chose me. Somewhere around November this word popped up and was suddenly everywhere, and so my word for 2014 is…..


Yes, open.

It makes perfect sense. After a year of change, I need this word.

What open means for me…

  • Letting go of the need to control everything and being open to what life throws my way
  • Being open to saying yes more
  • Being open to vulnerability
  • Being fearlessly authentic
  • Opening up, expanding – reaching out
  • Being bold

Just like last year I am going to record my journey with my word in scrapbook/album form. I am also going to do a monthly update here on the blog, to share my intentions for each month.

Here’s to 2014!