Autumn Changes

I love autumn. I don't know if it is all the years of heading back to school in September, but autumn has always signified change for me.  This year has been no different, throughout summer I started to crave a change especially around my business (more on that coming very soon!).  

I also wanted to get back to the heart of this blog, as I have mentioned in previous posts I felt like I had lost my focus here a little bit. So much work has gone into building my business that I forgot why I had started blogging in the first place. 

The truth is I started blogging as I wanted a space where I could document the details of our daily life, celebrate the things that make me happy and share my thoughts on living a creative lifestyle. 

Going forward that is what you will see here - I will be sharing what we eat, places we visit, what I am wearing, home decor projects, craft projects... basically, whatever makes me happy and I want to share. 

If you want to keep updated on my work projects, I will let you know very soon where you can follow along. 

I have set myself a goal for November to blog everyday, and I have some great posts lined up so stay tuned! 

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