Challenges of Working Alone

It's been a quieter week, this week. I'm awaiting feedback on client projects before moving onto the next stage so it's given me some time to breathe.  I originally planned to devote the week to getting my new site ready but then procrastination and lack of motivation struck. 

Sometimes it's hard working alone. After years in a busy open plan office, I craved the sanctuary of my own space to work - my own routine, the little rituals that help my productivity. But it can be really hard and lonely sometimes too. There is no one to bounce ideas off or to be accountable too so sometimes it's all to easy to spend the day in my PJ's.  

Normally I spot when I am feeling like this and do something to pull me out of it - a walk, working from a coffee shop as a change of scenery, but with a broken foot it has been a bit more difficult than usual. So the week hasn't been quite as productive as I liked, but that's ok. Sometimes that's just how it rolls. Next week will be different! There is so much good stuff scheduled for the blog and I plan to get out and explore - always the best for getting inspired and stirred up creatively. 


Drinking: Water! Have really upped my intake and I am totally feeling the benefit. 

Reading: Blog, Inc. and I Quit Sugar for Life

Eating: Green Veggies, Quinoa, Overnight Oats and Eggs (not all at once!)

Watching: I finally caught up with Great British Bake Off and can't wait for the final this week

Wishing: My foot would hurry up and heal already

Loving: Making secret squirrel plans *evil plan laugh*

Learning: About nutrition and the benefits of a real food diet

Wearing: Jumpers! Autumn is here and that makes me so happy

Grateful: For Mr Lovely - his support, his silliness and ability to make me laugh (even when I am trying my hardest to sulk!), his hugs. We just celebrated 3 years together and I swear it just keeps getting better. 

Happy Friday! 

Ps - if you want to have a go at making a double exposure image like the one above, check out this tutorial