My Favourite Independent Magazines

As much as I love to read a book, I also love to sit down with a good magazine. I do however, get frustrated with the regular 'glossies' and the fact I get halfway through the magazine before getting to the end of the adverts and actually reaching the content. Also, as I try to avoid all manner of celebrity 'news' there are few magazines I read regularly (the exceptions being Simple Things, Living Etc. and Country Living). 

A couple of months ago (yes it's taken me a while to get around to this post!), I decided to try out some independent magazines. The main reason was to do some research for an editorial project, but I fell in love with the magazines I found and thought I would share them with you. 

Another Escape

Another Escape is a gorgeously designed magazine that focuses on inspiring people and their stories. I got lost in its pages, reading about Inuit kayak building and Hanji paper making. The magazine itself is ad free and the photography is just beautiful. And it's created here in the UK, so yay for that!



Trouvé is a magazine that celebrates creativity and those who live a creative lifestyle, so as you can imagine I love it! It's pages are full of stories of makers, creatives and those who are forging their own path. The design is just perfect and my issue arrived wrapped up so beautifully I almost didn't want to open it. Oh, and it came with a free art print that now graces the wall of my office. Why, thank you very much. 


Another UK-based magazine, Lagom is described as a publication “about people who make a living from their passions, and pastime activities that offer inspiration.” and it certainly doesn't disappoint. I loved reading about creative places and spaces, craft and projects and the lifestyle section contains recipes and ways to relax. Again, the design is flawless and whilst the mag is 'sponsored', the ads are few and are in keeping with the general feel of the magazine. 

Over to you... do you read magazines? Let me know if you have any recommendations!