Share the love Sunday #2

Happy weekend friends! I hope that you are having a good one! 

Welcome back to Share the Love Sunday - each Sunday I will be sharing 3 blogs and 3 awesome reads from the week.

Here are this weeks picks...

1. Creative Countryside

I love Eleanor's little corner of the web. It is focused on living simply and seasonally and I love following along with her life in rural Lincolnshire. Definitely check out Eleanor's posts on eating seasonally! 

Visit Creative Countryside

2. Life Captured

I was a huge fan of Ronnie's old blog - Pink Ronnie and now I am a follower of her newest venture, Life Captured. It inspires me to continue to document the details of our life and I'm excited to join in with the #lifecaptured project. 

Visit Life Captured Inc.

3. The Peppermint Pencil

Anya is a fellow Yorkshire blogger who takes the most amazing photographs and shares delicious recipes. She has the most gorgeous Etsy shop too!

Visit The Peppermint Pencil

Favourite reads this week:

1. How I quit my day job : Q&A - The Private Life of a Girl

2. Scrapbooking Sessions - accooohtrements

3. 5 steps to the perfect holiday garland - Wit & Delight

Please do show some love and pop over to say hi to the lovely bloggers featured above! If you have any great recommendations, leave a comment below.  Read previous posts in this series here

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