My Word for 2015

For the past 3 years I have chosen a word to meditate on through the year. Actually, it would be fairer to say my words have chosen me. They usually pop up as it gets to autumn and my mood becomes reflective. 

2012 was SPARK

2013 was PROACTIVE

2014 was OPEN

It's become a ritual - a guiding force as I journey through the year, something to focus on as I go about my daily life. Each word has become a part of my life, although I choose a new word each year - I still carry previous ones with me and never fail to be surprised at how they all manifest in ways I never expect. 

This year has been slightly different. My word didn't make itself visible as normal. Instead, I started December with no word so one cold wintry afternoon I sat down with a pen and my journal and I meditated. And... nothing. I tossed around a few words - play, ease, light but none of them felt right. A few days later and my word presented itself, suddenly popping up in my head and sticking. So for 2015 my word is FLOURISH. 


 - to be successful; prosper ; thrive

  • Flourish in health
  • Flourish creatively
  • Flourish financially
  • Flourish in my relationships
  • Flourish in my truth

Flourish, to me, means becoming the best version of myself. It doesn't mean perfection but it means a continual process of refining what works for me. 

So, here's to flourishing in 2015!