Morning Rituals

I have never been much of a morning person. For years I tried to be, getting up early to face the long commute to my office job.  If anyone tried to speak to me before I made it to my desk, woe betide them. 

The truth is, whilst I love the quiet of an early morning - I love the cosiness of bed more. I have always needed a lot of sleep, even as a child I couldn’t wait for bedtime when I could curl up with a book then fall asleep dreaming about magical worlds and a life full of adventures. 

I get my biggest peaks in energy in the late morning and throughout the afternoon. I prefer to ease slowly into the day. 

Over the last week, I have mostly been alone and so have adapted to a new routine.  It has looked something like this: 

  • Wake up naturally (usually around 7-7.30)
  • Gentle stretches in bed before I get up
  • Green tea and meditation for 10 minutes
  • Breakfast whilst catching up on blogs - My Feedly is full of positive, uplifting articles
  • Writing - blog posts, journalling, the first draft of my book.  I don’t have prescribed writing plan, my goal is to write for at least half an hour everyday. Whatever that looks like. 
  • Check email and start working on client projects. 

At some point I have a shower and get ready, usually after an hour or so of work. 

What I have stopped doing is reading the news or emails before taking time for myself. Lets face it, there is nothing in my inbox that can’t wait a couple of hours. In the midst of the hormonal chaos I am currently experiencing, having some time for me - to do the things that set up me for the day is vitally important. I did try Yoga in the morning for a while but then I found it works better to fit it in later in the day, when I need a break from my desk. 

At the moment, these morning rituals are working well for me. The beauty of working from home and having a flexible schedule means that I can adapt my mornings in whichever way I choose. 

I’d love to know if you have a morning routine?  Or maybe you are thinking about starting some rituals of your own - leave a comment and let me know!