Open Intentions : February Edition


January was a strange month – starting a new job and settling into new routines hasn’t been easy. I have learnt that I am a person that prefers to plan and ease into change, not be thrown in head first. I have also learnt that I find letting go and going with the flow really challenging.

And that’s ok.

This year is all about living and being open. A huge part of that is going to be practising letting go of my need to control everything, and trusting that sometimes I just need to let things roll.

Where January was a month of reflection, I intend for February to be a month of action. I have two very simple goals for the next month:

  • To move more
  • To eat well

Now that I spend my days working at a desk for 8 hours, I am getting hardly any exercise (part from the occasional dog walk). I haven’t done my daily yoga for months and boy, do I miss it. I also haven’t been eating particularly well – finding myself without time or energy to cook means we have been relying on ready meals far too often. So February is the month to start getting back on track and setting new healthier habits. It means swapping out processed foods for natural, whole foods. It means not indulging in that mid-week glass (or several glasses) of wine. It means moving my body more – walking the dog, taking the stairs at work, practicing daily yoga.

This is a practice I intend to start in February but hope to continue for the rest of the year (and beyond) as I learn to be open to living in a new way.

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