What are you worth?


One of my core desired feelings for 2014 is 'Abundant'.  Let me give you my definition of the word - for me Abundant means plentiful, exuberant, open, expansive, affluent, overflowing. It means giving generously, loving hard (and receiving love), and yes it means a plentiful supply of moolah

A little while ago, Mr Lovely and I were chatting about careers and business, it went something like this....

Me : "...one day when I am a millionaire. Ha. Not that that will ever happen..."

Mr L : "why not?"

Me :  "well, it just sounds ridiculous, it's not something that would happen to me..."

Mr L : *exasperated tone* "well it won't if you think like that - what about the big plans you told me about?!"

As usual, my man had a very good point. 

The truth is this...

In order to live my life how I desire, to serve others through my business and to feel the way I want to, I need a plentiful supply of money.  That doesn't necessary mean I need millions (or maybe I do) but I need enough, more than enough. 

Yet, admitting this can often be tough. 


Because money is deeply connected to our sense of self-worth. 

By choosing to hold the attitude I had about money (and yes it was a choice), I was effectively saying I wasn't worthy of having more money - what a message to be putting out into the universe! 

Try this - Pick a figure you would like your business to be making each month. Now double it. Add 20%

Write it in your journal, declare it to the universe and then let it go.

Don't stress over it, know you are worthy of it. 

Know that the work you are creating and putting out into the world to service others, is worthy of it.

Know that you are worthy of living the lifestyle you want to live, and having the money to support that. It doesn't matter if you give it all to charity or spend it on a shoe collection. You are worthy of it. 

A word of caution

Money is useful and can help us achieve our dreams, but it alone doesn't buy happiness. It is important to have enough money to support you so that you can go out and do your best work, without needing to worry. But it is also important that you view money as what it is, don't put it on a pedestal as something to break your back striving for, don't borrow more than you know is achievable to pay back.  View money as a support mechanism, a tool. The same way you view food or exercise or meditation. 

When you start believing you are worthy, abundance will flow.