the beauty of calm

Be silent! be silent! for love behaves contrary to normal; Here the meaning hides itself if you talk too much
— Rumi

This week has been an odd mix of chaos and excitement, followed by calm and quiet.  Monday saw the launch of a big client project (through my marketing business, LP Studio). It was a crazy good day, but I was also glad when it was over.  I loved working on the project but I was certainly glad to put it to bed. 

The rest of the week has been calm and quiet. I have been meditating, refreshing my Yoga practice and journalling like mad. I feel on the edge of something 'big' and at times like these I always become more introspective.  I have been visioning and manifesting dreams and cooking up ideas for my business and this little blog. Most of all I have been silent and listening, 

Great stuff. 

It feels like I am peeling back the layers of my business, discarding the bits that don't feel authentic and bringing everything back into alignment. It's part awesome, part uncomfortable and part 'feels fucking amazing' to shed the crap. 

The single biggest lesson I have learnt on my solopreneur journey so far:

When you stop doing what you think people want or expect, and focus on doing what feels good to you; abundance will flow. 

Take that one away, it's my gift to you today. You're welcome. 

Before I jump into a weekend of gardening (yes, summer is on it's way), I wanted to share a few things from elsewhere on the interweb that have brought me joy or clarity this week: 

The beautiful Danielle La Porte has done it again with her Audio exercise in Extreme Visualisation

An oldie but a goodie. This post from Rach of In Spaces Between was the pep talk I needed to start moving forward again

I have been spending time reflecting a lot on my Spirited Pinterest Board this week. Maybe a little hint of what's to come? 

Have a great weekend!