Changes and Making Time

It's been a funny old few weeks. There has been some family stuff going on so for a while, we have been very much out of our routine. It's been great to settle back into things and Mr Lovely has the week off so we have been enjoying some family time. 

It's also given me the opportunity to catch up on some projects that have been on my to-do list for way too long. A sudden increase in clients for my design and marketing business has meant that I have (gratefully) been busy working on other people's business. As is often the case, my own business needs have taken a back seat. Until this week anyway. 

So, some news and developments....

Firstly, I have created a whole new e-course for my newsletter subscribers. 4 workbooks packed full of happiness-boosting goodies for you to sink your teeth into.  My hope is that it will help you to start making change in your life. Sign up above to get your hands on it!

I have also relaunched my coaching packages. Hop on over and take a look - you can now book directly from the page and if you are not sure it's for you, take advantage of a free 30 minute discovery session to find out. 

Finally, I have also opened up some availability for design and marketing packages. This is a new move for me, as many of you will know I run a marketing agency that works with small businesses and covers everything from graphic design, to marketing strategy to web design. For a while I have been thinking of a way to bring some of that here, into this space. It's my dream to support women who are launching or running their ideal business, I currently do that through coaching but I am now also offering marketing and design services. You can find them here

How about you friends, do you make time to tend to your own business needs?