From my desk: 2nd May 2014

Happy Friday lovelies!

I hope you have had an awesome week and are looking forward to the weekend. It's a long one here in the UK as Monday is the May bank holiday. 

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind. I'm so excited to share that I am writing this post from my new home office *grin*.  Previously I was inhabiting a corner of a shared office with Mr Lovely (when he worked from home) - it was a dark and dreary space and not at all nourishing for my creativity. Now I have a room of my own on the top floor of our house with views over the garden. It's so light and airy and I LOVE it! A huge thanks to Mr L for helping decorate it. 

I have been busy with a flurry of new clients for LP Studio which is fab, and beavering away at writing and creating and other lovely things for this here space. 

I had a big business related revelation this week - more coming on that soon, for now I have been busy creating vision boards in my business journal and designing what's next. Exciting energy. 

I also have opened up a couple of new coaching spots so if you are thinking about amping up (or starting) your heart-led business do get in touch. 

Some things that have been keeping me inspired/amused/motivated this week....

Justine Musk// Are men more confident than women? 

Alexandra Franzen// What I know about love (if you have ever struggled to believe you are loveable, please, please read this). 

Elise Blaha Cripe// What's in my Behance Action Book? (love this peek into how one of my fave creatives keeps organised)

And finally, I have been listening to this song on repeat. 

Have a great weekend!