What's your why?


There are a lot of reasons why someone becomes an entrepreneur. For some it’s the desire to make a difference or change something in the world. For others it runs in the family, they have witnessed their parents run a business. For many it’s more personal reasons - a desire to have flexibility to spend time with family or have location independence. And for others, it simply comes down to the fact they don’t work well for other people and tend to get fired (a lot).

When we first have our big idea and set off on this journey we often have a very clear ‘why’ driving us. Whether it is our ‘why’ for the world or a ‘why’ for ourselves it pushes us forwards to create something.

But what happens further down the line?

Consider these two scenarios:


We have created the product or put together the package, we market it and launch it and (hooray!) people sign up or buy it. We’ve had some success. Now, complacency kicks in. We plod along letting our business tick over, relieved that someone was willing to pay us after all.


We launch our product out into the world and it takes off. People part with their cash to have what we can offer them.  We are excited by the success of our project but now we feel the pressure. What else can I offer those customers? How can we get them to come back? We plough into creating the next thing second-guessing what our customers want.

Here’s the thing....

It’s not just at the beginning of the journey that we need to think about our ‘why’. It’s a constant practice of bringing awareness back to ourselves and being in alignment with what we really want. And it’s not just what we want for our business, but how we want our whole life to look. Holistic alignment.

Think about this - why are you on this journey? What is it you want, for your life, for your business? Now, what can you do today to bring yourself in alignment with your ‘why’.

When you understand why you are doing this, you will create amazing things that serve the right people and make you feel good.

For me, my ‘why for the world’ is that I want to help create a world where mission-driven individuals are free to thrive, authentically and in alignment. I want to inspire, motivate and support them in a new way of doing business, a holistic approach to entrepreneurship.

And personally, my ‘why’ is simple. I want to create a life for myself that feels authentic, connected and purpose-driven and supports the lifestyle of myself and my family.

What’s your why? 

Take one step towards it today.