On my Desk : 9th May 2014


This past week has flown by. My schedule is busy with clients for LP Studio - lots of social media marketing, digital goodness and strategising. Yay. 

Oh and writing and creating. Blog posts, book content, plans... have all been flowing out of me. After months of feeling a lack of inspiration, I am so grateful for the creative juices flowing again. 

An 'a-ha' moment or lesson learnt this week is that I have been playing small when it's time to step up and play big. There are some big things not he horizon that I have been avoiding or resisting out of fear, but even just declaring the dream is so freeing.

Give it a go - what is it you really want, that you are currently avoiding out of fear? 

Some things I love from the inter web this week:

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New fave app : Ommwriter

Happy Friday! 

Gemma Sands