Changing my mind (again)


Yes, it's true. Almost every day I have been logging in and opening up the editor to create a new post. But then I conveniently find something else to do instead. Why? Honestly, I have completely lost my focus. 

It all started in 2003...

My very first blog. I set it up whilst I was at uni without really knowing what a blog was. All my friends were doing it, and I wanted to be a cool kid too - little did I know as I typed that first post, that blogging would literally change my life. I didn't have anything particularly interesting to say but over time a community formed and friendships were made (I am still in touch with many of those bloggers even now). 

I loved it. 

Gradually my blog evolved and I started to write about a wider range of topics - craft projects, food, design and my hopes and dreams for the future. It became a creative outlet, a stark contrast to my very corporate day job. I started customising the design and there a spark was lit. 

4 years after that first post and I launched a side business - Little Tiny Pieces was born and I started selling digital clip art and graphics to help other bloggers pretty up their own sites. At the time I just hoped to make a little extra cash but soon business was growing and long story short - I am here now with my own creative agency and a consulting/coaching business. 

All from blogging. 

So back to today....

In the last 18 months, I have been very heavily focused on my agency and most of my writing has reflected that. I have been busy writing blog posts over on the studio site as well as guess posting on marketing topics. I love it but it has left me with a bit of a conundrum when it comes to this here little site. 

I have been backwards and forwards wondering what to do and suddenly writing a post here, seemed entirely overwhelming. 

The truth is running two similar and yet different businesses can be challenging at times - whilst offering similar services each one has an entirely different audience. Yet there is an overlap in the content I create. 

After much though I have decided that, for now, this is more of a personal space. I will be posting about blogging and running a creative business, and offering resources and hints to help you do that too - but there will also be posts on my life in general, fashion, design inspiration, food and anything else I want to write about. 

Put simply - there is no goal here except to write about what I care about. No worrying about stats or who is reading, but instead writing because I feel compelled to. 

I also want to get back some of that sense of community I used to share in. I want to know who is out there reading this (if, anyone). I want to know about you. So please please get in touch - leave a comment, drop me an email, find me on Twitter. I can't wait to meet you!