How to tell your brand story - in 3 steps

We all love a good story - movies, books, song lyrics. A good story connects with us on an emotional level, a good story brings people together. Think sing-alongs round the campfire, and book groups. Even our ancestors loved a good story - recording them in cave paintings, hieroglyphics and ancient manuscripts. 

So naturally, it makes sense that as consumers we are most attracted to brands that tell their story effectively, brands we can relate to. 

What is brand storytelling?

It's important to realise that your brand story is more than just your website copy or about page text. In fact it might surprise you to know that part of your brand story doesn't even belong to you. Your brand story is a combination of the content you share about yourself/your business and the interpretations made by your audience. 

So why is it important? 

Without a story, you are just a commodity. 

This is particularly relevant for heart-centered businesses such as coaches and creative entrepreneurs. Your audience crave connection, they want to be able to relate to you. Telling your story creates a meaningful bond with your audience. 

How to create a brand narrative

1. Believe in your brand

In order to tell your story effectively, you need to know why you do what you do. What is the driving force? Once you know this and believe in your business mission you can communicate it your audience, attracting those who are aligned to your values. 

2. Share behind-the-scenes

It's a fact, people love to be nosy. We love a glimpse into other peoples lives. Sharing what goes on behind the scenes of your business is sure to help connect you with people. Snapshots of your work environment, sneak peeks of your process and insights into life in the office are all great ways to tell your story. 

3. Show who you are

Put a face to the name. Introduce your team members to your audience. Go beyond a mugshot on your website - share interesting facts, video anecdotes, and social links to help your audience connect with your team. 

Spend some time thinking about why you do what you do....

  1. What is the personal why behind your business? (e.g. flexibility, control, more family time)
  2. Fill in the blank... I believe in a world where.......
  3. My business helps to solve..... 

Share your answers below....