How-to Turn off Related Pins on Pinterest

I love Pinterest, I really do. But I do not like its 'Related Pins' feature. 

Pinterest introduced related pins as a tool to help users discover fresh content they might otherwise miss. Now for some people this is great, but for me the related pins on my feed are an annoyance. I often follow boards or pin stuff that relates to a very specific client project and I would rather not see related content on my Pinterest feed. 

So how do I disable related pins? 

The bad news is that Pinterest (at this time) doesn't allow users to turn off related pins (*boo, hiss!*).

The good news is that there is a workaround.... When logged into Pinterest use this url:

You will now only see content from people you follow - no more related pins. *Hooray!*

I have the url saved in my bookmarks so I can access it easily.