Hello, August + Free Printable!

Ah, August. I have been super excited for this month for a while now. 

It's a double celebration in these parts with Mr Lovely's birthday on Sunday and mine towards the end of the month. As it's a significant birthday for me this year, we are having a party and I was inspired by my obsession with Nashville to choose a country theme. 

So August is going to be filled with party related craft projects, probably a few too many Margaritas and hopefully lots of laughter and the creation of some awesome new memories. 

Yes, please. 


  • Go with the flow and enjoy the month (even if my plans don't come to fruition in the way I would like)
  • Move my body daily - through Yoga, Daily walks and dancing round the kitchen whilst cleaning!
  • Finish my painting for my office


  • Write purposefully everyday
  • Create beautifully designed resource area for this site
  • Finish up website tweaks, both here and over at LP
  • Serve all my clients generously - work to delight them

Normally I choose very specific goals but for this month I am trying something different. August is all about building up daily practices (such as Yoga and writing) and really focusing on how I want to feel.

Note - If you want to try this approach, I highly recommend checking out The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

Grab a copy of the Clarity Roadmap for August and set some intentions for the month.

Happy August!