Flourish 2015 :: Focus on Wellbeing

A few posts ago I shared that in 2015 I will be meditating on the word Flourish and letting it guide me. As I started to delve into what this word means to me, I have been pulled into focusing on what it will mean for me to Flourish in my health. There has been a phrase coming up a lot for me....

Optimal Living. 

This is really what Flourish is about for me - living at the top of my game, growing and expanding. Much of my focus in 2014 was on building up my business and as a result my wellbeing has been neglected. So, as I came to write my intentions for the new year, my health and wellbeing has become a priority. 

This is isn't just about losing weight, I want to feel good from the inside out. A holistic approach that helps me to flourish emotionally, mentally and physically. My aim is to become more attentive to my body, more at peace with who I am and to feel radiant. 

I've looked at a lot of different ways to approach this. As it's more than just losing weight, I don't want to follow a prescribed diet... instead I am choosing to eat and exercise intuitively. This means changing my lifestyle to make the best choices for my overall health. To flourish in my wellbeing, I can't allow myself to be tied up in feelings of guilt or deprivation when it comes to food. Instead I intend to practice gratitude for what's on my plate. 

In short my approach means: 

  • Drinking enough water
  • Choosing to eat natural, unprocessed foods that provide my body with the nutrients it needs
  • Choosing good quality, lovingly treated meat sources
  • Setting aside time for practices that help keep me sane - meditation, yoga, journalling, daily dog walks
  • Choosing to move more
  • Avoiding alcohol (but not denying myself on special or social occasions if it feels right)

Here's to flourishing in health in 2015!