How meditation is changing my life

I have meditated on and off for around 2 years but it's only been more recently that I have really committed to making it a daily practice.

How I Meditate

My daily practice is split into 2 parts - morning and evening. 

Each morning, after everyone has gone to school and work, I set aside 20 minutes to sit in meditation. My precise practice varies depending on how I am feeling - sometimes I simply sit in silence, sometimes I use guided meditations and other times I meditate by repeating a mantra. 

On an evening, I meditate for a short time in silence in bed to help me release whatever has happened that day. 

In addition, I also use specific guided meditations if I feel there is an issue or area of my life I need to work on. 

Changes to my life

1. I'm worrying less - This is a huge thing for me. I have always struggled with anxiety, tending to focus on the negative or make anxious predictions. Since I have started regularly meditating I have found I am much calmer. That's not to say I don't ever worry - but I am more aware of this behaviour so I can spot when I am anxious and do something about it. 

2. I'm more in tune with my natural rhythm - I used to be very focused on achieving that elusive state of 'balance'. Since starting to meditate I am more aware of my natural flow, learning when to hit the ground running or put my foot on the brakes. As a result I am utilising my more productive times and getting more done. I'm also more aware of when a certain area of life needs more of my attention. 

3. I am more self-accepting - Mediation has helped me to turn inwards, separating myself from my problems. I'm able to take a more objective view of the the things that are troubling me, letting go of the things that aren't serving me and making space where needed. I'm learning to drop my need for perfectionism and accept that I am flawed... and that's more than ok. 

4. I've dropped pointless distractions - I've replaced time-wasting activities and procrastination with meditation and journalling. Meditation keeps me grounded and helps me realise which activities serve me and identify those that don't. Gone is wasting time watching pointless vlogs on Youtube, surfing gossip or news sites and overloading myself with information that doesn't benefit me. 

5. I have a new sense of clarity and purpose -Turning inwards has helped me get in tune with my desires. I'm able to cut through the things I feel I should do (fear of expectation, judgement, failure) and redefine the rules to work towards creating my life with intention and purpose. I'm more able to focus on how I want to feel and make changes to reflect that. 

Have you tried meditation? I'd love to hear about your experience so leave a comment and let me know!