5 ways hiring a coach will make your business more successful

It's no secret that coaching has changed my life. The obvious is that it's become a fundamental part of my business, but it runs deeper than that. 

You see, actually hiring my own coach was the very thing that allowed me to transform my entire life from a place of confusion and overwhelm, to clarity and purpose. 

It was coaching that helped me to identify what's important to me and drop what's not. It was coaching that allowed me to explore what I'm passionate about and build a business from it. It was coaching that helped me grow that business into the multi-faceted brand it is now. 

Let's look at it from another perspective. 

You've taken the leap and started your business (yay!). You've read all the blogs, attended the webinars and you're ready to apply everything you know. 

But then, somewhere down the line, you hit a block. The clients aren't showing up as quickly as you need them to, you're putting your stuff out there but not seeing the traction. It's confusing, overwhelming and downright scary. You start to wonder if you've made a terrible mistake. Maybe you're not cut out for this after all. 

The truth is, you are cut out for this. You just need a little support. 

“I didn’t even know having a business coach was a ‘thing’, now I can’t imagine living without it”
— Lucy

There are a ton of resources out there on setting up and running a business. You can type a search into Google and easily find help in the practicalities of growing your business. But building a creative, purpose-driven business requires more than that. Your business is an extension of you so it makes sense that to build something successful, you need to develop your business and yourself. 

How coaching can benefit creative entrepreneurs

1. It provides accountability

If you're anything like me, you can probably talk yourself out of doing something in a flash. In the past, I've excused myself from fantastic opportunities to grow my business because I was too caught up in fear to push myself out of my comfort zone. 

A coach acts as an accountability partner. The aim here isn't to force you into doing a heap of things you're uncomfortable with, but to support you in making progress towards your goals. 

2. It creates space to explore ideas

A good coach is skilled in asking the right questions, allowing you to access and explore new ideas. The coaching conversation is a safe space to explore ideas, without fear of judgment. Entrepreneurship can be lonely place sometimes and having someone to bounce thoughts off can be the catalyst for taking your business to a new level. 

3. It supports you to get out of your own way

As I mentioned above, you can find a ton of business help just by searching on Google. But being an entrepreneur is more than just knowing how to set up your list in Mailchimp or how to create a webinar that sells. Coaching helps you to develop key personal qualities that help you to succeed. Time management, planning, decision making - these are all essential to being successful and are things a good coach can you help you to work on. 

Also, we often already know the next step or action we need to take, but something under the surface holds us back. Coaching helps to peel back the layers to release the patterns of behaviour and thinking that are not serving you, so that you have the confidence to move forward. 

4. It helps you to make time to focus on your own business

Let's take my business as an example here - I spend a lot of time coaching, mentoring and advising others how to grow their business. If I'm not doing 1:1 sessions or design work, I'm most likely writing, developing products or creating podcasts that are all designed to help others grow. 

With all that going on, it could be really easy not to work on my own business. Having a coach helps me carve out time to do that. Setting aside a hour twice a month to work with my coach and focus solely on my vision and goals, forces me to keep moving forward in creating the lifestyle business I want for myself. 

5. It gives you clarity and focus

One of the biggest benefits of coaching, is the clarity you gain. The most satisfying part of my job is when something just 'clicks' for my client. Lets face it, building a business is tough and it can be hard to know the right path to take. Even deciding what business to build can be so confusing that it prevents a lot of people from ever getting started. 

One of the aims of coaching is to draw out what you really want. To help you to lean into what's at your core and drop all the 'should's' and 'supposed to's'. The main intention for each of my coaching sessions is for my client to leave feeling like they have a focus and a clear set of actions to take. 

So, whether you are seeking discipline and accountability, a place to explore what's holding you back without judgment, or some focus and clarity, maybe consider investing in coaching to help your business get to the next level.

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