Self-care for creative entrepreneurs

One of the most common pieces of feedback I get from my business mentoring clients, is that they never expected how much self-development is involved the process, or how valuable that work would be to growing their business. 

You see, I fully believe that business is an extension of who we are. It makes sense then, that in order to develop our businesses, we also need to develop ourselves. 

I've seen so many solopreneurs and small business owners on the verge of burn out. I've been there myself - juggling all the pies and working all hours without taking proper care of myself. I get it, when this is our passion and livelihood it can be hard to put your foot on the brake pedal. 

The problem with this approach is that it is simply not sustainable. We burn out and then our business suffers. So, what can we do to prevent this from happening? Read on for my top 5 self-care strategies... 

1. Cultivate daily practices

Without fail, I start every single work day with a routine that is designed to fill me right up from the inside. I'll be honest, at first it was tough... my natural urge upon waking is to roll over, check my phone and get sucked into a vortex of social media/emails. 

For the past year or so, I've worked on developing a daily routine that ensures my emotional and spiritual needs are sorted before I even fire up my laptop. For me, this looks like preparing a green juice and healthy breakfast then spending the first hour or so of my day meditating/journalling/in prayer. If I don't do this, my day is guaranteed to be nowhere near as focused and productive as I want and need it to be.  

2. Eat well

I'll be honest here, I am the biggest emotional eater... if I'm bored/stressed/celebrating/hormonal I turn to food. Working from home means that I have often found myself grabbing something 'quick' and inevitably not healthy to eat. All while I am checking Facebook or blogging. 

I've made a real effort to take a proper lunch break each day and to make something nourishing for myself. Some days it's soup, other days it's a huge salad. I sit at the kitchen table to eat with no distractions and focus on my meal. Knowing I get this small break in my day makes the world of difference!

3. Make movement a priority

Similar to grabbing something quick to eat, it can be so easy to spend the day in my PJ's and not leave the house. Luckily for me, I have the pooch to consider and she requires a decent walk every day without fail. You might not have a dog to walk but try to make time for movement - get up and walk around the house, throw a load of laundry in or walk to your local coffee shop to grab a drink. 

Another tip - invest in a Fitbit to see just how much activity you do each day.

4. Develop a support network

This is such a big one - as business owners I think we often feel that we need to do it all. I am the world's biggest perfectionist and control freak but even I have learnt that for everything to flow I need help sometimes. Whether this is hiring a virtual assistant or a cleaner for your home, work out your priorities and then delegate! 

5. Schedule time for development

This is a fairly new thing for me. I now schedule out time in my calendar for self-development. This includes calls with my coach, watching webinars, taking courses or reading books. 

Work out where you need to develop and grow and then allow time to do it. Remember this is not just an investment in yourself, but your business too. 

I'd love to hear your self-care tips, leave a comment below! 

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