The art of declaration

Today I want to ask you a question. 

What one thing do you really want to do in your lifetime? What's your big dream? 

Ok, so that was 2 questions but who's counting. Seriously though, I really want you to think about it. 

The answer might be obvious to you, or you might have to peel off a few layers to get to the truth. Are you reading this thinking "I don't have a dream"?  You do. Everybody does. It's just that so often it gets buried under all the other 'stuff' of life. The faint little whisperings of that thing that lights you up - trapped under a pile of fears, obligations and expectation. It's calling to you, you just need to listen up. It might not even be a huge, life altering thing... it could be as simple (but just as worthy) as learning a new skill. 

Now, here's another question... 

How many people have you told about your dream? 

You'd be surprised how many people keep their dream to themselves, holding it inside like it's something to be ashamed or embarrassed of. Maybe that's you. 

"Who am I to dream that big?"

"People will think I'm crazy if I tell them I want to [insert here]"

"I can't do it anyway, I'm not good enough and I have too many obligations"

"If I tell somebody I will have to follow through or I'll be a failure"

Sound familiar? Yeah, me too. A funny thing happens when we start to dream or desire to do new things with our life... the Ego kicks in. All the "I'm not good enough/worthy enough/deserving enough" thoughts, those are the Ego talking. It's a crafty little thing that likes to keep us small. Safe.

There's a common misconception that the Ego is something to fear or fight but the truth is we need it. It's a big fat signpost that we are on the right track. When the Ego pipes up we know we are stepping out of our comfort zone and that's where the magic happens. The good news is we have a choice - we can choose to say "Thanks for your opinion, but I choose not to listen. I choose instead to follow my heart and see what might happen". 

The easiest way to make that choice is to declare your dream. Tell someone about it. 

I sat a few nights ago, all curled up on the sofa with Mr Lovely, chatting about what I have been working on. During the course of the conversation I told him how I was afraid to put my dream out there, to declare what I am working towards because of what some people might think. The trouble is, for it to work I kinda need people to know about it. My Ego was trying to keep me small by telling me that I would be judged and up to this point, I had been choosing to listen to it. 

So, that brings me back to my original question and my own answer for it...

I am writing a book.

An actual book that I (and hopefully some other people) can hold in their hands. 

It feels empowering (and yes, a little terrifying) putting it out there. The truth is, if we don't ever declare our dreams they never have any chance of happening. 

So what's it going to be lovely? Are you going to take the challenge and put your own dream out there? Go on, tell someone you know will support you, write it on a post-it note on your pinboard or leave a comment below... I would LOVE to know what it is that's whispering to you! 

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