Today I celebrate you.

Today is International Women's Day 2015. 

As I have been reading through various articles and blog posts, a number of fairly shocking statistics have been quoted, all highlighting the gender equality gap. It's true that there is still a long way to go with gender equality, but today is also a day to stop and celebrate how far women have come. 

I spent 7 years pursuing a corporate career path in the fashion and retail industry, a sector that is largely made up by women. Women held senior leadership roles, were key decision-makers and helped to drive the business forward. 

Yet it was still essentially an aggressive, 'masculine' environment to work in. There was no 'sisterhood' or friendships... it was a hotbed of comparison, judgement and competitiveness. I remember quite vividly being told by my boss (who was female), that if I wanted to get the next promotion I was going to have to start acting like a man (I mean really.... WTF?!).

I didn't buy into that bullshit. 

You see, I believe that women who are living from a place of freedom have the power to change the world. 

When a woman can be truly free in who she is, the possibilities for impact and purpose in the world are limitless. And I believe that as women in the western world, we have a responsibility to step up into feminine leadership. 

What that looks like....

  • Supporting and cheering on other women instead of judging and putting them down
  • Putting our voice into the world, instead of holding back because of what others might think
  • Following what we love with determination and never compromising on what our heart really wants, instead of believing we are not worthy
  • Learning to celebrate ourselves, and accepting all aspects of our character instead of being ruled by our inner critic
  • Using our skills, talents and unique story to inspire, empower and support others - building businesses that are authentic, purposeful and have impact
  • Practicing self-care and nourishment
The world needs you. It is crying out for YOU to step up and be seen. 

I am grateful everyday for being a part of this community of trailblazing women. I work with women who fiercely determined to follow their heart and leave the world a better place, I am deeply inspired and proud of them. 

And that's what being a woman means to me. Every day I choose to follow my freedom, to fight for what is important to me, and to support others to do the same. 

Wherever you are in the world and whatever situation you are in, I want you to know that I see you. I see the bright, vibrant woman that you are. 

And today, I celebrate you.