Are you afraid to be seen?

When I started my first business, my design and marketing studio, I was SO excited. I was stepping out on my own, I was going to get to do something I love and get paid! I created my brand, designed my website, put my packages together and then launched. Woo hoo! 

Except, nothing. 

No clients, no big rush of people wanting to work with me, nothing. It turned out finding clients and getting contracts would be something I'd struggle with for a while. 


Because I was too afraid to be seen. I was terrified of putting myself 'out there'. It took months to get my first client and even after that, I relied on word of mouth and referrals rather than proactively seeking the work. 

When I started my coaching business I knew it had to be different, I had to be different. No more lurking in the shadows... no more blindly putting a blog post out there and hoping the right person would see it. 

This time I stepped up, I decided to make the decision to OWN it. I put my fear of looking stupid or pushy to one side and I took full ownership of my role as a coach. I participated in Facebook groups (to give value NOT sell), I personally reached out and built connections, I shared value in the form of free offerings. 

I stopped being afraid to be seen, and began to trust in my own value

This doesn't just relate to business - it relates to all areas of life. When I choose to step up and take ownership of my role in any area, things start to flow. Whether it's relationships, finances, blogging, my health... when I own my truth and value my worth, things work. When I feel like something isn't aligned it's often because I'm not owning it. 

So my question to you today is... where are you afraid to be seen? Where are you not taking full ownership?