How to love your job + build a business

Whilst I quit my full-time job to start my business, it's not something I particularly advocate. I didn't have any savings to rely on so those first months were incredibly stressful as I dealt with the financial pressures that come with starting a new venture. 

For many entrepreneurs it is far more practical to continue in employment whilst building up a business. But whilst it helps to pay the bills, juggling a job and a fledgling business can be a stressful balancing act. 

Here's a few tips to help things flow smoothly... 


This might seem kinda obvious but I think it is worth mentioning anyway. Holding down a job and doing all the tasks associated with starting a business is not an easy task, and is virtually impossible without proper organisation. 

Create a realistic timescale for launching your business, taking into account your other commitments. Set up a separate bank account, email address and calendar for your business and keep things separate from your day to day work.

Smartphones and tablets make everything accessible, so make use of lunch breaks to deal with business emails. just make sure it doesn't infringe on work time! 


Look to get as much value out of your employment as possible. A great way to do this is to identify any areas of your business where you need to brush up your skills, and seek out opportunities in your work to gain experience. Look for opportunities that will benefit both you and your boss and ask to be involved. 


This is so important - often as entrepreneurs we think we need to do it all, but that only leads to burn out. Ask for support to make life easier, whether that means hiring a success coach, getting a cleaner or dog walker or asking for help with childcare. Identify where you can get some help and go for it. 


There are so many tasks that can be automated to make things a little easier. Although it initially takes some time to set up in the first place, having automated workflows really will save you heaps of time later. It also helps you feel like a professional! 

Some things that can be automated include: 

  • Linking your bank account to an accounting system such as Wave, means you don't need to manually input transactions
  • Setting up automated email workflows to attract potential clients and follow-up with them automatically
  • Use a service such as IFTT to automatically distribute your content across social media. (I use it to post all my Instagram pictures to Twitter and my Facebook Page)
  • Set aside an afternoon to write out multiple blog posts and then schedule them to post at a later date


The first months of setting up a business are exhilarating, terrifying and stressful. It's super important to make sure you are taking proper care of yourself during this time. Take the occasional day off to recuperate, build self-care into your schedule (even if it's only 10 minutes of Yoga or Meditation a day) and learn to recognise the signs of burn out. You and your business will thank you for it in the long run. 

Above all, remember that you can do this and you are right where you need to be!

I'd love to hear your experiences so please let me know in the comments below! 

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