Wild Spirit Spotlight : Ashley Taylor Yannello

I'm super excited today to introduce you to Ashley Taylor Yannello, a certified Wellness Life Coach, a Reiki Master, a celebration and ritual teacher, and a lifestyle connoisseur. 

1. Hi Ashley, it’s so great to have you on the blog today! Can you start by telling us a little bit about your business and how it came about? 

Hi,  it is such a pleasure to be here with you!

Sure, I started my personal spiritual journey seven years ago when I first discovered that deep within whisper that something was missing and that I knew I was here for something much bigger than I could even see.

I discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and instantly it felt like the right fit. From there, I invested in my first mastermind which really started my entrepreneurial journey and my business and my blog was born. I have tried and dabbled in a variety of service offerings until this past year when something inside of me awoke. I am now the proud and awakened owner and founder of Let Your Soul Shine along with a membership community, The Soul Sister Society.

I am more than just your typical life coach. I am a SoulSpirit Guide. I blend all of my own life lessons and all of the great tools and teachings to be able to serve in a very authentic true capacity. I support women to really begin to celebrate their lives, find their own unique and individual rituals to find calm and balance throughout their day to day. A spiritual connection and rituals have helped me tremendously in being able to live my life and to feel balanced. I know how important it is and with all of my healing modalities (including being a Reiki Master, a crystal junkie, angel cards, meditation, yoga and more) I serve from a place of love and light.

2. Why do you do what you do? 

I do what I do because every bone in my body is a full bodied yes to showing up and serving. At the bottom of it all, I am here to inspire and lead as many people as I possibly can. I know how life can feel very hectic and how easy it is to feel the extreme highs and lows (hello rollercoaster!). I want women to feel secure in whom they are, now at this very present moment. I know in my heart how much my life has transformed over the years of doing this work and it brings me such joy and light to be able to witness, hold and support others on their own personal journey. Life is messy and I’ve been through the mud multiple times but I want women to know there is a light and they are safe and so very needed!

3. I’m a big advocate for finding your own brand of freedom - what does freedom mean to you? 

Freedom is a feeling of light bright white joyful energy. I always get the vision of birds flying freely over a beautiful body of water. Freedom is that knowingness that we are doing what we are here to do and the ability to go wherever we desire.

4. What gets you out of bed on a morning? 

Life and the possibility that lies ahead! Being alive, taking that first inhale and exhale upon waking. The very mere fact of being graced and gifted with another day to show up and serve.

5. How do you keep sane? Do you have any self-care practices you do regularly?

I have many! I am very much aware of my body and her needs. Just the other week, my body knew how badly I needed to cry. I have an uncanny connection to my body and I know when I need to slow down, rest or pick up speed and hustle.

I always purchase fresh flowers every week as nature is a huge practice of sanity for me. Long walking meditations in a local park to be with greenery and water. Kundalini yoga, meditation and journaling are huge parts of my self-care practice. I also am a huge lover of crystals and oils. Weekly dates with close soul sisters and also one day a week of absolutely nothing scheduled.

6. What 3 words would you use to describe yourself? 

Giving, Loving, Light

7. If you could offer one piece of advice to women looking to create their ideal life, what would it be? 

Let yourself feel into your soul, your body. Connect with her and see what you envision as your ideal life. Journals, vision board, tell a close friend. Start with getting clear today on what your ideal life actually looks and feels like! Don’t hold back at all. Truly visualize it all. Don’t gloss over the feelings you desire or even the smells and sounds. 

Thank you so much for sharing Ashley! 

Connect with Ashley here: 

Website :: Soul Sister Society