8 ways to live a more meaningful life

Let me ask you a question... are you meandering through life and simply existing, or are you thriving? 

It can be so easy, in our busy lives, to get caught up in the hustle and forget what's really important. Deep down we all crave meaning in our life, but meaning doesn't just happen. It's something we create and cultivate. 

Often we lose ourselves in ruminating on the past or future-tripping. It can be hard to focus on the present and the meaning in each moment. 

Here are 8 ways to bring more meaning into your life... 

1. Focus on the small stuff

I've got news for you... a big, grand purpose and life plan isn't going to randomly fall into your lap one day. So many of us spend a heap of time searching for our purpose... that 'one thing'  that will give our life meaning. 

Instead focus on the small stuff - create small, positive changes daily. A smile for the stranger in the street, a special gesture for a valued customer, words crafted into a blog post to make someone's life better. 

2. Want what you already have

Value all that you have in your life. Practice gratitude daily. It's ok to want more but appreciate what you already have. 

Once we stop striving and accept that all we want is on its way, we move through life with more meaning and a greater sense of purpose. 

3. Get intimate with your values

Know what matters to you. What do you value? Connection? Integrity? Freedom? Write down the top 5 things that you believe are the core of how you want to live life. Where are you not living in alignment with those values? What can you do to bring you closer to them? 

4. Pursue what lights you up

Listen to what speaks to your heart. What things bring you the most joy? Follow what lights you up wholeheartedly and unapologetically. Don't worry about trying to find a 'greater purpose', fill each day with the things that make your soul sing and trust in where it will lead you. 

Get comfortable in saying no to the things that don't light you up. 

5. Master the art of focus

How often do you find yourself doing two things at the same time? Maybe you eat your lunch at your desk or check Facebook on your phone whilst having a conversation. Instead of trying to multi-task, focus on each task individually. Give it your undivided attention and find meaning in the moment. 

6. Don't go it alone

The most meaningful moments in life rarely happen when we are alone (although they totally can!). Focus on experiences, not things. Cultivate deep and meaningful relationships in your life.

7. Simplify

Clear the clutter, drop unnecessary tasks and make room for more meaning in your life. By clearing out what doesn't serve us we make room to focus on what really fulfils us. Stop saying yes when you really mean no. 

Where can you make space in your life right now? 

8. Set daily intentions

Each morning, before you go about your day take time to check in with yourself. Set yourself 3 goals or intentions for the day, making sure they are in alignment with your ideal life vision and values. Focus on things you find fulfilling and meaningful. By choosing to focus on just a few things you avoid unnecessary stress. 

Want more? 

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