5 ways to sleep better

I love my sleep, I always have. Even as a child, when my friends would be begging their parents to let them stay up, I would be happily trotting up the stairs to my bed. I don't function if I don't have enough sleep, I always wonder how others seem to manage with just a few hours. 

Despite loving my sleep, I haven't always been able to sleep well. About 5 years ago I went through quite a significant period of insomnia. I Just could not get to sleep and when I did, it was a restless one with strange, muddled dreams. 

A good night's sleep is essential to functioning well - creatively, socially and physically so here are my 5 strategies for making sure I always get enough quality rest. 

1. Set the scene

If there is even the slightest crack of light in my bedroom, I struggle to drop off. Make sure your bedroom is set up for getting a decent kip... we installed blackout blinds with curtains in our room to make sure it remains dark even.  Choosing soft bed linens, keeping the room cool and a comfortable mattress are all essential to creating a sleep-enduring environment. 

2. A lovely cuppa

Of herbal tea, that is. Avoid coffee and caffeinated drinks for a few hours before bed. Herbal teas can be great for getting you in the mood for sleep. Opt for a calming blend - look for teas that contain Chamomile, Valerian or Peppermint. 

3. Ditch the technology

I'm so guilty of flicking through my Facebook or Instagram feed before settling down, and then I wonder why I find it hard to sleep! Lately, I have started to put my phone onto airplane mode and avoid picking it up. 

4. Get still

Most nights I try to take a few moments to meditate or focus on my breath, I'll brush my teeth and get ready for bed, then sit cross legged for a few minutes. I'll either sit in silence and focus on my breathing, listen to a guided meditation designed for sleep or listen to soothing music. It helps to detach from the day and prepare for rest. 

5. Break out the journal

Another post-bedtime routine is to break out my journal. Some days I need to empty my mind and brain dump on the page, other days I like to write out a gratitude list so I hit my pillow feeling blessed and content. I also keep my journal next to my bed so if I awake in the night and my head is whirring, I can quickly scrawl it all down and settle back to sleep. 

I'd love to hear what tips or rituals you have to help you sleep so leave a comment below! If you found this post helpful I'd love it if you would share on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest!